Plant-related Halloween Movies and their Spooky Counterparts

Happy Halloween from the Garden Spot!

To celebrate this year, and maybe bring a movie night to you at home, we made a list of movies to watch this Halloween that are all about plants. Things are certainly different this year, but one thing that will never change is a good movie night. If you are also looking for a plant that emulates your favorite film, we got you covered! So sit back, and let us share some movies and houseplants that can help make your Halloween better.

The Thing from Another World

When a scientist reports a UFO discovered on his research base in the North Pole, he and his team discover a humanoid creature trapped in the ice. As the group slowly tries to determine its origins and where to go forward, the creature slowly thaws and wrecks havoc.

However, the key focus of ours are these small plants that are revealed to be 'Baby Things', or the offspring of the creature as it is a plant-based organism.

They are reminiscent of a Bleeding Hearts

tendril, but no real revelation has shown what these plants are supposed to be based upon.

If you like these plants, maybe you'll like...


These vibrant flowers and unique leaves make for a popular houseplant. They cannot tolerate temperatures below 40 degrees, and are sold as tropical houseplants. (Unless you live in USDA zone 5).

Make sure your Cyclamen is properly watered, as they are sensitive to over and under watering. Excellent drainage is a must, and water only when the soil is dry to the touch.

When you water the plant, water from below the leaves so that the water doesn't touch the stems. Water can cause the stems and leaves to rot. Just soak the soil thoroughly and allow excess water to drain away.

We carry Cyclamen in red and white in our houseplant section at Garden Spot.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

It's no surprise we bring up this series, with such magical plant-life. The Whomping Willow being mysterious and deadly, with its branches swatting at any intruders makes it a worthy opponent. However, it is beautiful to see in bloom.