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Rachel Diesing’s Container Paradise

Rachel Diesing’s garden display is one to marvel at. She is a long-time customer at Garden Spot, and her goal is to create her own refuge and paradise. She lives in Bellingham and works as a luxury home real-estate agent, commuting between Canada and Bellingham on a regular basis. As a social butterfly with a busy lifestyle, Rachel makes it her goal to create a garden space that is both healing and personality-filled. Her landscape design and creativity have received recognition within our region, and she has agreed to share her hard work with us here.


Welcome Home.

Rachel’s home was purchased as a run-down property. She took the time to renovate and redecorate over the years for her and her family. Creating a peaceful space is important, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Flowers and colors are more than just decor, and Rachel loves gardening for the opportunity to bring love and warmth to her household. “Plants are a spiritual thing, they make me feel so happy.” When you pull into her driveway, containers with vibrant purple ornamental kale and pansies greet you with vibrant fall colors. “As soon as I pull into our driveway, It’s life changing to see, I feel lost without it.”

Rachel’s planting space contains a courtyard, her doorway, and pockets of interest in the form of statuary and topiaries. She has two giant face sculptures (purchased from Garden Spot) that she calls “The Guardians”.

Rachel fills every container with blooming perennials and annuals for seasonal interest. This summer, she created a moon garden, in which she planted white flowers that glowed every night.

Her fall theme is bright colors and various textures which she achieves with perennials and ornamental grasses.

Rachel’s gardening advice for our community:

Utilize perennials in your pots! Perennials are a type of plant that comes back every year, and can be placed in any arrangement and mixed with annuals for an extravagant look. Garden Spot has been a big part in creating my garden space, and I always come back for pottery and plants.

Garden Spot is proud to help Rachel with her landscape dreams. You can find Rachel on her instagram page, @racheldiesingsothebys . Thank you for showing us your beautiful living space!

We will be featuring a community member once a month for our new series, " Growing Better Together." Tune in next month for our upcoming interview.

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1 Comment

Absolutely stunning. I have been to this home and every time I am in awe of how she changes the flowers and arrangements outdoors to flow with the seasons. Thank you Garden Spot. I know she couldn’t do it without your help. Julia Long

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