Image by Jackie DiLorenzo

Upcoming Classes

Classes will be held every Saturday at 9 AM.
Call or come in to sign up today! 


Compost and the Soil Food Web

September 25th, 9 AM

Paige is back with her famous compost class! She'll teach you the basics of starting your own system and the benefits of using compost. Class is free.


Houseplant Masterclass

October 9th, 11 AM

Dive deeper into the world of houseplants with Maddie and Aleli!  They will show you how to make your own soil mix, how to diagnose and treat difficult pests, and tell you about the coolest rare plants.  This is a great class for collectors, experts, and beginners who want to expand their knowledge base.  Class is free.


Putting your Garden to Bed

October 2nd, 9 AM

Prepping plants for the winter: Deb is here with expert advice on putting your garden to bed. She will discuss pruning and mulching your outdoor garden in preparation for the cool season. Class is free. 


Plant a pumpkin

October 16th 9 AM

Spooky season is here, and we got the planter for you! Use a real life pumpkin to create the seasonal planter of your dreams...or nightmares? Class is $39.


Houseplant 101

October 9th, 9 AM

Maddie and Aleli will teach you the basics of houseplant care, repotting your houseplants, fertilizing, and basic pest control.  They can answer all of your indoor gardening questions!  Class is free.