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Upcoming Classes

Classes will be held every Saturday.
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Kokedama Make and Take

January 8th, 10AM

Learn the Japanese tradition of kokedama: using a moss ball to plant and create a hanging garden. Aleli will show you how to plant using moss as a container and to care for your new string garden. These floating planters will be the centerpiece of your houseplant collection.Class fee is $39.99.

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Mount an Epiphyte Make and Take

January 29th, 10AM

You've probably heard of a mounted stag horn fern, but did you know you can mount other houseplants too? Mistletoe cacti, orchids, Hoyas, and many other epiphytic plants can live on a wood board. These houseplants hang on the wall like a living piece of artwork. Class fee is $39.99.


Valentine's Day Out

February 14th, 11AM-3PM

Have a date at the Garden Spot! We will be making pussy willow wreaths, sipping hot cocoa, snacking on cookies, and wrapping gifts for your sweetie all day. Have a date day before date night! Event is free.

Gardening Shears

Pruning Basics

February 26th, 10AM

It's time to prune! Late winter is a great time to prune different types of trees and shrubs. Learn all of the pruning tricks to encourage healthy new growth in the spring. Class is free.


Houseplant 101

January 15th, 10AM

Whether you are a houseplant collector or brand new to the indoor jungle, this is the class for you. Maddie and Aleli will teach you about care, pests, mixing soils, propagation, and they will take you through picking the right plant for your space. Class is free. 


Valentine's Day Make and Take

Living Ornament

February 5th, 10AM

Make a hanging air plant terrarium for someone sweet in your life. Colored glass, sand, rock, forest trimmings, and more will make this a unique present. Great for kids! Class fee is $19.99.


Garden Spot Flower & Garden Show

'The Spirit of the Northwest'

February 16th-20th

It's our 2nd annual Flower and Garden Show! The theme this year is 'The Spirit of the Northwest.' Enjoy display gardens, events, Make and Take classes, and more right here at the nursery. Spring inspiration is around every corner. Event is free.


Houseplant Swap

January 22nd, 10AM

Garden Spot is hosting a houseplant swap! Bring houseplants and cuttings to share and trade with members of the community. We will have houseplant experts on hand to answer questions in our houseplant clinic, bulk soils and recipes for building your own planting medium, and a moss pole station. This is a celebration of houseplants! Event is free.


Grow Your Own Vegetables

February 12th, 10AM

This is the year to grow your own food! Learn about lighting, soil, temperature, containers, and seed germination times. Sage will teach you about food security and how to have your own veggie garden. Class is free.

Picnic in Garden

Garden Design 101

February 19th, 10AM

Deb will take you through the basics of landscape design and planning your spring garden. Learn all the tips and tricks to design your dream outdoor space. Bring pictures! Class is free.