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Earth Week 2020: Earth Day in Isolation

It's Earth Day! This is one of our favorite holidays at Garden Spot Nursery, and this year will be no different. Well, maybe a LITTLE different...but just because we are isolating or distancing doesn't mean that we can't make a difference. Here are some ways to celebrate of Earth Day while staying safe at home.

1. Make a donation to an environmental fund. As any other day, there are lots of organizations which are accepting donations to support our planet. Some places to start include The Conservation Fund, Earthjustice, Earth Day Network and Pure Earth, but there are hundreds of groups looking for support, including one that matches your specific passion. If you have some spare change, this is a great way to help. Visit for more inspiration.

2. Pick up litter in your neighborhood. Though the current state of the world has slowed the amount of litter that is found in our streets, there are bound to be a few pieces of trash still out there. Bring a plastic bag and a pair of gloves along on your afternoon walk, and help these stragglers make it into the bin, and out of the ocean. Just be sure to wear gloves and wash your hands afterward!

3. Call your local government. It's always worth it to stay informed. Click here to find contact information for Washington State's Environment and Energy Committee. Ask what is being done locally to combat climate change. Ask what you can do to help. Share what is important to you. This is a simple way to help protect the environment using nothing but your own voice.

4. Call a friend to talk about issues. Distance can be difficult, especially during these scary times. Call a friend that lives far away, or even someone nearby you haven't seen in a while to talk about Earth Day. Issues are perceived differently to everyone, especially in different areas of the world. Getting another perspective might be just the thing that helps you find what your passion is when it comes to environmental topics.

5. Watch an environmental documentary. We have access to more movies and TV shows than ever before, including many great documentaries and docu-series. Some great ideas are Cowspiracy (available on Netflix), An Inconvenient Truth (available on YouTube and Google Play), and Chasing Ice (available on Google Play), but there are tons of documentaries across the many available streaming services. Find one that you'll love!

6. Go meat-free. One of the best ways to combat climate change and environmental degradation is by limiting meat and dairy in your diet. People all over the world have been embracing "Meatless Mondays" and other methods in recent years, and Earth Day 2020 could be your opportunity to join the trend! Save yourself another trip to the store and see what you can throw together for dinner using dry goods and fresh produce, perhaps even from your own garden!

7. Talk to kids about the environment. If you don't have your own kids at home, give a call to grandkids, nieces and nephews and tell them what you know about our planet. They may have something fun to share with you as well! Remember that they are inheriting the earth from us, so getting them excited about Earth Day can be very important.

8. Gardening! It should come as no surprise that this is our favorite option. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air without leaving your yard. Be a friend to pollinators and plant a beautiful garden for them to enjoy. Our planet is big, but don't forget about the earth that is right outside your door. Garden Spot Nursery is open to limited crowds from 9AM-4:30PM every day, and offering services like curbside pickup and delivery when necessary. Give us a call at 360-676-5480 to learn how we can help beautify your Earth Day!

We hope this gives you some things to think about during your isolation. If you found this to be helpful or fun, let us know! If you have other ideas about how to celebrate Earth Day 2020, we'd love to hear it! Happy Earth Day from Garden Spot Nursery. Stay safe, everyone!

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