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Spring 2017 Events


Art In The Garden

All Day Saturday, April 29

This is an All day, One of a kind affair Featuring Container Garden Artist, Nancy Elevak. She will be showing her gallery of planted containers made of stone, re-purposed material as well as Italian pottery. Containers selected for this event will be designed with plants for Shade, for Hot sun, and for patio privacy. Nancy’s designs range from high-style to whimsy, fun containers showing her sense of humor. Come enjoy her themed  containers that would make any indoor or outdoor room decor complete..


Lilies You Will Love

9am: Saturday,  June 17

Oriental Lily Lovers meet our local grower, Melinda Creed.  Melinda started as a hobby and now grows several thousand Oriental lilies for sale as potted perennial plants or cut flowers.   She grows about 40 varieties, including several of the new "rosily" which are double/multi layered lilies that are pollen free!   Lilies are drought tolerant, bee friendly plants that will turn your summer garden into a fragrant feast of color.   Perfect plant to grow in and around mid to taller plants in your border.   They are also fabulous in pots!     There will be a special discount on Melinda's collection at the event.  And, we'll be selling her cut flowers much of the summer! The class is free.

Fairy Day Fun at The Garden Spot

11am-2pm: Saturday, June 24

In celebration of International Fairy Day on the 24th, Garden Spot Nursery will be hosting a party for fairy enthusiasts, young and old alike. Kids (and adults too) are invited to come in costume. The fairy parade starts at high noon for a promenade around the nursery. Enjoy some fairy food, make your own fairy crown, and have your face painted by a local artist. Enter our drawing for a chance to win a potted fairy garden! Event is free.

Fairy Garden ‘Make It and Take It’


11am-2pm: Saturday, June 24

As part of our Fairy Day celebrations we'll be offering a drop-in fairy gardens class. These miniature potted landscapes are fun and easy to make. (Drop in  class fee is $39.00).


Bamboo... Rewarding To Grow, Beautiful And Unique To Your Garden space

9am: Saturday, July 8

Bamboo... Rewarding to grow, beautiful and unique to your garden space. It Can be the right plant when you learn its value.


Chris Glatz, a Japanese gardening professional, was the head gardener at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden in Delray Beach, FL for 10 years. He will share his experience and techniques for planting and maintaining bamboo and how it can fit in any garden style.

Learn the facts about frequently misunderstood bamboo. Chris will clear up many myths and fears surrounding the use of bamboo. Bamboo can add a unique asthetic to any garden space,whether used in a container on a deck or as a privacy hedge in a backyard or in a woodland setting. Learn where and how to plant bamboo and appreciate the many varieties of bamboo offered in Whatcom County. This class is free.

‘Make & Take A Kokedama Ball

5:30pm: Saturday, July 8

Join us for an after hours event to learn the Japanese tradition of kokedama: Using a moss ball to plant and create a hanging garden.  Karyn will show you how to plant using moss as a container, and to care for your new string garden.  This is a ‘Make & Take’ class. Wine and light eats will be served. $49.00 class fee includes all supplies.,

“Make It And Take It” Hypertufa Containers

9am: Saturday July 29

Make your own old English style Hypertufa trough in this hands-on class with Kim.  Create your own planter, just like the old stone sinks that have been used to grow plants for centuries. Class fee  is $39.00.