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Summer 2018 Events



Lily Class With  Melinda Creed

9am:  Saturday,  July 7

Oriental Lily Lovers meet our local grower, Melinda Creed.   Melinda grows about 40 varieties, including several of the new "rosily" which are double/multi layered lilies that are pollen free!   Lilies are drought tolerant, bee friendly plants that will turn your summer garden into a fragrant feast of color.   Perfect plant to grow in and around mid to taller plants in your border.   They are also fabulous in pots!     There will be a special discount of Melinda's collection at the event.  The class is free. .


Bamboo... Rewarding To Grow, Beautiful And Unique To Your Garden Space.

9am: Saturday July 14

Bamboo... Rewarding to grow, beautiful and unique to your garden space. It can                                                                                                       be the right plant when you learn its value.

Chris Glatz, a Japanese gardening professional, was the head gardener at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden in Delray Beach, FL for 10 years. He will share his experience and techniques for planting and maintaining bamboo and how it can fit in any garden style.  Class is free.



Celebrate National Blueberry Month

5:30 pm : Thursday  July 19


Celebrate National Blueberry Month by joining us for our Blueberry ice cream social and class! On July 19th, the party starts at 5:30pm with homemade blueberry ice cream! Stick around for the mini workshop at 6pm to learn the best tricks to blueberry care. We'll be sharing some of our favorite recipes. Special discounts on blueberry bushes as well! See you there! Register online  or call 360-676-5480. Free.

Make It And Take It Sedum Wall Planter Class

9am: Saturday July 21

Let Marcy guide you in making your own sedum living wall  garden with hardy succulents.  Wall gardens can  be hung on any sunny wall.  Class fee of $49 covers  all supplies.

Start Your Fall Vegetable Seeds Now..

9am:  Saturday,  Jul 28

Nothing tastes better than homegrown

vegetables from your garden. Join Kim as she instructs you on the basics of starting your vegetables from seed, indoors and out, to help you have the most successful fall harvest. Class is free. .