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Winter/Spring 2018 Events


Make Your Own Pussy Willow Heart Trellis Planter.

9am: Saturday,  February 17

Join Marcy to learn her creative twiggery tricks in your planter filled with dwarf sweet pea seeds, pansies and other pretties.  Enjoy blooms from February to July.  Class fee of $39.

Bonsai For Beginners With Chris Glatz

9am: Saturday,  February 24

Chris Glatz, a Japanese gardening professional, was the head gardener at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden in Delray Beach, FL for 10 years. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy the miniature world of Bonsai -- Chris will make it easy for everyone to succeed at this form of containerized planting.   Class is free.


Seed Starting For Vegetable Gardening

9am: Saturday,  March  3

Nothing tastes better than homegrown vegetables from your garden. Join Kim as she instructs you on the basics of starting your vegetables from seed, indoors and out, to help you have the most successful summer harvest. Class is free.

Worm And Compost Class

9am: Saturday, March 10

Learn how to feed your soil throughout the year using materials from your own garden and kitchen.  Paige will guide you through the basics of composting for small and large spaces. This class is free.

High Impact Plants For Small Urban Gardens  That Are Deer Resistant


9am: Saturday March 17

You are invited to this season’s  new conifer introduction for small gardens  Tadd Storrer of Monrovia Nursery will join us to share this years collection including design tips and a list of plants that deer will not eat.  Class is free.

Make Your Own Sedum  Living Wall  Garden Using  Hardy Succulents

9am: Saturday March 24

Let Marcy guide you in making your own sedum living wall  garden with hardy succulents.  Wall gardens can  be hung on any sunny wall.  Class fee of $49 covers the sedum frame and all supplies.

Growing Peonies, Jewels Of The Garden


9am: Saturday March 31

Learn how to grow peonies.  A peony plant will live for decades. They should be considered a permanent addition to your landscape.  Class is free.


Hypertufa ‘Make It and Take It’


9am: Saturday April 7

Hypertufa containers have been used in Old-English gardens for centuries. Create your own.

Class fee of $39.00 includes all supplies.

Make It And Take It Hanging  ‘Garden Spot Basket’


9am: Saturday April 14

Our designer Nancy Elvebak will guide you in design, color, and plant choices to create  something extra special this year.  Make a sun or shade basket in an extra large 18 inch hanging basket.  Class fee is $79.00.

Planting Day

9am: Saturday April 21

Bring patio-sized containers from home or choose from our own fabulous collection. Our expert designers will help you gather the right combination of plants. Organic Gardner & Bloome Blue Ribbon soil will be provided free of charge for this special day.

Class on  Hydrangeas 101


9am: Saturday April 28

Hydrangeas are a timeless classic. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about these colorful shrubs.  Jill Porter of Baileys Nursery will  share her years of experience, introducing new and old favorite varieties, along with their care and pruning. Class is free.