Pruning Tomatoes: Why? How? When?

Everyone loves tomatoes. They make a great addition to your garden with their bright fruit and unique grow pattern, plus, they're delicious! But they can be finicky to grow; dodging disease, under watering and sunburn in the summer is a big task. At Garden Spot Nursery, we want you to be prepared for all of this so you can have successful tomatoes plants into fall. We are always here to answer your plant questions, offer our experience and suggest products and soil amendments. Today we are tackling one specific area of concern: should you prune your tomato plants?

The short answer is yes, but there is a catch: only indeterminate varieties. Determinate tomatoes are bred to produce only once per year and stay on the small side, making them great for containers and apartment gardening. Pruning would severely reduce the overall yield, despite being wholly unnecessary. Indeterminate, however, will continue to grow and produce throughout the season, so pruning can be helpful when done correctl