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Growing Citrus in the PNW

Yes, you can grow citrus in the Pacific Northwest. Given the right care, these tropical plants can thrive in our corner of the world as well. Lemons and limes are great for this because they are available in dwarf varieties so they make great houseplants. You can let your citrus tree live outside in the summer and bring it in when it starts to get cold out, or keep it inside all year! Either way, you will love the addition of a lemon or lime tree to your collection.

The beauty of a citrus tree is endless. Aside from being able to grow your own fruit, these trees produce stunning blooms which are also edible, along with the leaves. These have their own fruity flavor and can be used to wrap meats, treated like herbs for your barbecue, or distilled in teas and other drinks. Lemon leaves can be oil distilled or used in place of lemongrass in recipes. The use of edible and aromatic lemon leaves can have many health benefits. They are great for your skin, a natural cleanser, and are used for calming the senses. There really is no reason not to have a lemon tree in your home, even if it never produces a single fruit.

Now, keeping a citrus plant alive in the PNW is a bit of a task. It may not be best suited for beginners, or a

house without much natural light. Your citrus plant will require a lot of humidity. This can be difficult, but not impossible to simulate indoors. As mentioned, a bright south or southwest facing window will be crucial. They require rich, acidic soil which you can create with a well balanced fertilizer about once a month. Lastly, be sure that your citrus plant's soil stays moist, but never wet. Don't let soil dry out between waterings. You may need to check this daily. This is a great opportunity to invest in a moisture meter to keep soil regulated.

Once you have created the right environment for your citrus plant, you will be able to reap all of its beautiful benefits. Stop by Garden Spot Nursery to pick up your dwarf lemon or lime tree today! We promise you won't be disappointed, and we are here to help. Remember to leave any questions or concerns in our comments, give us a call, or stop by for assistance.

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