Bare Root Planting: When, How, WHY?!

Updated: Mar 1

Strolling through the Garden Spot this week, you may come across a bin that looks a little strange...

Dig a little deeper... these bins are full of something much more interesting than sawdust. Buried within you will find our selection of bare root crops. Currently in stock are Seascape and Shuksan Strawberries, Crimson Cherry Rhubarb, and Jersey Supreme Asparagus. Bare root refers to plants which have gone dormant for the winter, and have been dug up and cleaned for easy transportation and transplanting. Not every plant can be preserved in this way, but those that can make for a great way to break up your gardening "to do list." This time of year is prime for planting these funny-looking plant starters, but don't delay! When it comes to planting bare root, time is of the essence, and the window of opportunity is closing in on us.