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Meet the Team

Gardening makes our staff happy, which in turn makes our customers happy.


When you stop by The Garden Spot, you'll see a lot of smiling faces ready to help you with whatever you need. If you have a particular plant in mind or a  gardening question, our team is there for you.

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Paige became the owner of Garden Spot Nursery in January 2020 after working for eight years as a member of nursery staff. She enjoys being outdoors in all seasons, surrounded by plants and gardeners. Paige studied Biology at WWU and loves learning about botany and how plants live and grow within the soil food web.  When she isn't at the nursery or in her own garden, Paige enjoys hiking, backpacking, and reading. She has a particular interest in composting and enjoys raising and studying earthworms. 



Aaron came on full-time at the Garden spot in spring of 2021. He loves working in the garden with his wife Paige, their dog Poppy, and their cat Tobias and he especially loves conifers and Japanese maples. In his free time, he enjoys running, hiking, and playing basketball. His favorite plant is the Chief Joseph Pine and anything from the Dan Hinkley Collection.

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Tiffany grew up in the Bellingham area and is thrilled to be back on the west coast.  She loves indoor and outdoor plants and having the opportunity to learn more and she is branching out into the world of hydroponic vegetable gardening and soil sprouts.  She is also Paige's mom!



Carol surely is one of our veterans in our gardening staff. She started at Garden Spot in 2006 in sales and has been with us ever since. She knows every square inch of the property and routinely helps customers find what they're looking for or suggests a particular type of plant to meet their needs.



Linda is not new to the plant and nursery industry. She has over 25 years of experience, including wholesale and residential gardening and garden design. She has been with Garden Spot since 2015 and is in a sales position. She believes that the best part of working at Garden Spot is learning from customers and helping them find the perfect plant for their particular situation.



Kim has been with Garden Spot since Spring 1996. She started working at a wholesale greenhouse but has spent the rest of her career in retail at the Garden Spot Nursery. When she was growing up, her family had two large vegetable and berry gardens and a yard full of fruit trees.



Evan started working at the Garden spot in Spring 2022. Originally from New Jersey, he made is way to the West Coast after joining the navy.  You'll see him assisting customers inside and outside, and he is a huge fan of bonsai. In his free time, Evan enjoys backpacking, watching science fiction, anime and reveling in all the nature that the PNW has to offer. 



Leslie joined the Garden Spot team Spring 2020. She grew up in California on stone fruit ranch where her passion for agriculture and horticulture began. She is new to the Bellingham area, and has loved all the outdoor activities Bellingham has to offer. Her favorite thing about working at Garden Spot is seeing all the new and interesting plant varieties coming into the nursery every day. 



Jacki began gardening with her mom when she was young and has worked with plants ever since. She started at Garden Spot in May of 2016 and loves to nurture perennials. Her favorite plant is Rosemary.



Dallas joined the Garden Spot in the beginning of 2022; however, their love of gardening began much earlier with the help of their father's green thumb. When they are not playing with plants in the store, or caring for their houseplants at home, you can find Dallas out hiking or reading. They are a WWU alumni and have been in the Bellingham area since 2012.



Angela joined the Garden Spot Nursery team in the spring of 2018. She enjoys working with customers to help them find the particular plant that they need for their garden. She says that she grew up with more plants than people. She started studying botany and branched out from there. At any given time during the day, she can be found amongst the Japanese maples and shade plants.



Maddie began working at our nursery in spring of 2021. You can find her exploring our houseplant selection, giving soil recommendations,  and making sure every customer is helped with a smile. In her free time she likes to practice her welding skills, and taking care of her plants at home.



His name is Gerry with a G, and has been working with the Garden Spot since 2018. Originally from Southern California, Gerry has been in the nursery business for 30 years and is incredibly knowledgeable about both indoor and outdoor plants. 



Debra has been with Garden Spot since 2002 and the horticulture industry has captured her attention for the last 35 years! She works inside and out, designs, creates displays and runs the Garden Spot Consulting program. She loves plants, designing with them, and combining her favorites together to create interesting combinations. When not at work, she enjoys family and relaxing.



Zack started with Garden Spot in the spring of 2023. His love of plants began with house plants and it is now expanding to all of the amazing outdoor plants. You will see him everywhere in the nursery inside and out. In his free time he is climbing at the gym or in the mountains taking advantage of the amazing PNW.






Poppy began her internship with Garden Spot in January of 2023. She has since moved up the ranks to become the Chief morale officer. Aside from bringing laughter and joy to the staff and customers Poppy likes to hang out in receiving and keep Aaron on his toes with the placement of especially tasty plants. In her free time she loves hiding toys and treats, rolling in stinky anything and running like the wind.

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