Gardening makes our staff truly happy, which in turn makes happy customers.


When you stop by The Garden Spot, you'll see a lot of smiling faces ready to help you with whatever you need. If you have a particular plant in mind or a  gardening question, our team is there for you. We are happy to give you plant ideas for that will complement the plants you already have or suggestions for that difficult area in your garden. Stop in and meet our spectacular gardening team.



Marcy is the founder of the Garden Spot Nursery. She grew up loving plants and over 35 years ago decided to start selling greens and tied wreaths in her garage. Fast forward to 1985 when she opened up the first Garden Spot Nursery in the Wallingford Center in Seattle. She opened up a second location in Sunnyland Square in Bellingham. This location grew very fast and a few years later she moved to the current location on the corner of King and Alabama. During that time, she sold the Wallingford location to devote herself fully to the Bellingham store.


Carol surely is one of our veterans in our gardening staff. She started at Garden Spot in 2006 in sales and has been with us ever since. She knows every square inch of the property and routinely helps customers find what they're looking for or suggests a particular type of plant to meet their needs. She says, "The Anticipation of each new season is my favorite part of gardening! I always look forward to how the plants will perform each season."


Jacki began gardening with her mom when she was young and has worked with plants ever since. She started at Garden Spot in May of 2016 and loves to nurture perennials.  Her favorite plant is Rosemary. She says that gardening gives her peace and contentment. Whether she's walking in the woods in nature’s garden or tending her own garden, she feels like she has everything she needs. 


Kim has been with Garden Spot since Spring 1996. She started working at a wholesale greenhouse but has spent the rest of her career in retail at the Garden Spot Nursery. When she was growing up, her family had two large vegetable and berry gardens and a yard full of fruit trees. “Gardening has always come naturally for me,” she says. “I love sharing my knowledge of the plant world.” 


There's no telling where you'll find Marlene. She may be helping customers at the cash register or doing a variety of important jobs around the nursery. We call her a Jack-of-all-trades. She has been with Garden Spot since 2016. She says, "Gardening is peaceful and satisfying to me."

Linda is not new to the plant and nursery industry. She has over 25 years of experience, including wholesale and residential gardening and garden design. She has been with Garden Spot since 2015 and is in a sales position. She believes that the best part of working at Garden Spot is learning from customers and helping them find the perfect plant for their particular situation.


Angela came to the Garden Spot Nursery in the spring of 2018. She enjoys working with customers to help them find the particular plant that they need for their garden. She says that she grew up with more plants than people. She started studying botany and branched out from there. At any given time during the day, she can be found amongst the Japanese maples and shade plants.


Ginger has been at Garden Spot for 12 years and is General Manager. "In all aspects of my life, my parents have been my greatest influence," she says. From toothpicks in the avocado on her windowsill to the family vegetable garden, she loves being one with the earth and watching plants grow with the season. It never grows old for her.


Dianna has been with the Garden Spot since Spring 2019. She graduated from U.B.C. garden design program in 1998 and was the owner of Scotland Yards for 17 years.  She also created The Firewalk' A show garden for The Northwest Flower & Garden Show.  She has enjoyed this new chapter of her life working in sales and is looking forward to what the future may bring! 


Debra has been with Garden Spot since 2002 and the horticulture industry has captured her attention for the last 35 years! Her number 1 job is keeping plants hydrated. She also cashiers, designs, sells plants, creates displays and orders indoor plants. She loves plants, designing with them, and combining her favorites together to create interesting combinations. When not at work, she enjoys family and relaxing.


Heidi is originally from Arizona and came to Garden Spot in 2014. She works in hard goods. She learned how to care for cacti from her mom and grandfather, and is branching out in the Pacific Northwest. Her Dad was a rose enthusiast and her Grandmother grew desert poppies and snapdragons. “I love gardening for the smell of the soil," she says. Heidi spends her time exploring Bellingham and Westeros.


David's story is in the works!


Kat started at Garden Spot in March of 2016 and brings a positive energy to her work every day. “Gardening makes me happy because there is always something to look forward to every season, and nothing beats that first dahlia bloom of a new season,” she says. She is constantly learning and trying new gardening techniques, but houseplants are her niche. When she isn’t gardening, she likes to cook, explore Bellingham, drink tea, and listen to podcasts.


 Tiffany came to Bellingham in 2002 and completed a degree in Environmental Studies at WWU and received a Permaculture Design Certificate in 2006 from Bullock Bros Farm on Orcas Island.  She joined The Garden Spot as a cashier in spring of 2019. Her career background is Natural Grocery and Supplements. She was always side by side with her mom and grandparents in the veggie garden and preserving foods for the winter.  She’s enjoying learning the nuances of care of the large variety of House Plants in the store and her favorite event has been Fairy Day making wands and crowns and face painting!


Bella's story is in the works!


Jessica is a proud plant parent. She started at the Garden Spot in spring of 2019. She is currently a student at Western Washington University for Communication and Disorders to pursue a career as speech language pathologist. Jessica loves caring for her plants, creating art, hiking, collecting rocks/minerals/fossils.

New to Garden Spot Nursery as of spring 2019 I have the role of plant receiver and support. I love to share my enthusiasm of plant lore. The seed was planted. The love of trees was passed to me.  My grandmother often quoted,”…I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree…”.  Arbor day was like Christmas. Since then, every summer I plant a small cutting flower and veggie garden.


Holly started at the Garden Spot in spring of 2019. She loves all things plant/animal and when she's not in the garden, she is caring for her pet lizards and her puppy dog. She loves helping people choose the right plant for their space and learning something new about gardening every day. 


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