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Plot The film begins with a man in a bathtub. The title screen of the movie reveals that the man is Siva (Suriya), also known as "Shiva". There is no information about what Siva was doing in the bathtub. The film is presented in several episodes that parallel real life situations. Siva (Suriya) is told to be on the run, so he leaves his home and takes refuge in a temple, where a religious guru, Siva Prasad (Sachin Khedekar), takes him in. Siva Prasad tells Siva he is a seer, and he can be the guru's son. He also explains Siva Prasad's earlier life: his family members were killed in an accident, when he was a child, and he now survives on donations. Siva Prasad takes on the responsibilities of his family, and also cares for his relatives who are in trouble. At his mother's place, Siva Prasad discovers a few things, like that his mother is a nurse, and Siva's father is an important political leader, whose name is Shanti Bhai. He also learns that a corrupt politician Ramdoss (Raghuvaran) is connected to Shanti Bhai. He is involved in a lot of corruption, and even a 10-year-old girl is kidnapped and sold. Ramdoss kidnaps Siva's nephew, and threatens to kill him if Siva Prasad does not play along. Ramdoss tells Siva Prasad that his daughter has taken a life-threatening job as a dancer, which gives her the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. Ramdoss wants Siva Prasad to help him find his daughter and have her ghostly mother to stop her. Siva Prasad discovers that Ramdoss is not dead, but has amnesia. He learns that Ramdoss' daughter is killed, and Siva's nephew is kidnapped. He also finds out that Ramdoss' real name is Ashok Kannan. Siva Prasad teams up with Ashok Kannan's son, Seshu, and his friends, who have a similar take on things. They come to know the truth about Ramdoss, but are told by the corrupt politician that if they find his daughter, Ramdoss will forget all about them. They get into a fight,




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