Mini Hula Ho

Once, one of the most exhausting and back breaking gardening projects was to prepare or maintain the soil in an effort to establish a beautiful garden….That all changed when the Hula-Ho was first introduced in 1961 "The weeder with the wiggle" forever changed the way gardeners weed, aerate, mulch and cultivate their gardens. Quite simply, the heat treated, self-sharpening Hula-Ho blade works beneath the surface of the soil. The almost effortless back and forth "hula" motion cuts weeds at the roots. Meanwhile, the weeds and soil blend to create a healthy mulch. This Hula-Ho mini garden weeder and cultivator with 10" wooden handle and cushion grip is a terrific tool for small space gardening and all those tight areas in your yard. A handy tool indeed!!1

    Mini Hula Ho



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