Koto No Ito Maple

The Koto No ito Japanese Maple is a rare and unique variety of these special trees, noted for its graceful foliage, which is deeply cut into long, narrow lobes, almost like the leaves of bamboo. The leaves begin the season in shades of crimson, turning apple green for the summer, and then in fall becoming yellow, then gold, with blushes of oranges lifting the colors into brilliant tones, and accenting the wonderful narrow foliage of this special tree. It will grow to around 6 feet tall, and eventually perhaps to 10 feet, but it has a narrow, more upright form, which makes it ideal for smaller gardens, and smaller spaces. It also grows well in a large pot, where it can be easily moved around and enjoyed in any part of your garden, or on a terrace or patio. It also makes a perfect bonsai specimen.


Koto No Ito Maple



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