decorate a wreath ...

for yourself or for friends and family ... from 10am til 4pm everyday

In a year of distance from family and friends, decorate and send them a wreath to brighten their holiday.

This season we will be returning to our roots, offering custom wreath-decorating starting this Sunday, November 8th, and will be offering shipping to those loved ones who may be far away and need their spirits lifted. In order to have this event safely, we offer a time of fun with  appropriate social-distancing.

You and your friends are invited.

We will have wreath decorating tables throughout the nursery with a limit of up to three people per table. Decorate to your heart's content for up to one hour, so that everyone can share in the fun. 

Bring your own pruners and garden gloves. If you don't have any, we will provide and sanitize tools throughout the day. 

The weather will be sunny, but cool, so bundle up

Pricing and Decorating.

You will have a 24" noble-fir wreath or a European style grapevine wreath (pictured to the right).

From french ribbons in any color to berries, twigs and holly to embellish, the possibilities are endless. Your finished wreath will be $49.

We Can Ship

If you would like to ship your wreath, we have a shipping box available for $5.00. We can ship it for you for an additional fee of $30.

Call in Advance.

Call ahead to let us know how many people will be in your group (three person limit), and what time you would like to come. We will coordinate a time that is best for you and hope to see you in the nursery.


Call today for a reservation!

900 Alabama Street   Bellingham WA 98225

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