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Lettuces! Buttercrunch, Bistro Blend, and Red Leaf!


Garden Spot Nursery carries the following edible plants:  

Asparagus- Bare Root 

  • Millenium

  • Mary Washington

Rhubarb- Bare Root 

  • Crimson Cherry 

Strawberries- Bare Root 

  • Seascape 

  • Shuksan

Raspberries- Quart Size

  • Willamette

  • Tulameen

  • Meeker

  • Coho

  • Yellow Raspberry 

  • Vintage

Thornless Blackberry- Quart Size

Loganberry- Quart Size

Blueberries- One Gallon Size

For in-store availability, please call us at (360) 676-5480. 

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