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Image by Minh Trí


Privacy and peace, bamboo is an evergreen shrub that can grow and reach maturity faster than your typical hardwood trees. 

Image by Patrick Hendry

Fargesia robusta

Non-invasive clumping bamboo. 

Size: 12-16' tall.

Hardy to zero degrees.

Moderate sun to shade. 

Erect posture, abundant green foliage.

Red Fountain

Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigou'

Non-invasive clumping bamboo.

Size: 10-14' tall.

Hardy to -15 degrees

Moderate sun to shade.

Delicate Foliage; Culms turn to purple in some sun.


Fargesia dracocephala

Non-invasive clumping Bamboo.

Size: 6-8' tall.

Hardy to -23 degrees.

Moderate sun to shade

Attractive foliage, shorter stature. 


Fargesia scabrida

One of the most colorful, cold hardy and sun tolerant clumpers. 

Upright habit to about 15' with culm widths averaging 1/2" diameter.

New shoots emerge with orange hues before blue and lavender, and ultimately olive green. 

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