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Meet Our Crew

Paige started at The Garden Spot Nursery in 2012 and enjoys being outdoors in all seasons, surrounded by plants and gardeners.  She has a particular interest in composting and enjoys raising and studying earthworms.  Paige studied Biology at WWU and loves learning about botany and how plants live and grow within the soil food web.  When she isn't at the nursery or in her own garden, Paige enjoys hiking, backpacking, reading, writing, and volunteering in wildlife rehab.


Heidi, originally from Arizona, learned how to care for cacti from her mom and her grandfather, but is branching out in the Pacific Northwest.  Her Dad was a rose enthusiast and her Grandmother grew desert poppies and snapdragons.  “I love watching life,” she says, gazing at a Japanese maple.  Heidi spends her time exploring Bellingham and exploring Westeros.

Gerry came to the Garden Spot in February of 2017.  Before lived in Bellingham, he owned his own business in California for 30 years where he had his own plant nursery and did interior and exterior plant maintenance.  Houseplants have always been his speciality.  When he isn’t at the nursery, you can find him on the backhoe at his home, doing land improvement, and spending time with his dog, Buddy.

Kat started at the Garden Spot in March 2016 and brings a positive energy everyday.  “The best thing about gardening is the hope for tomorrow,” she says. She is constantly learning and trying new gardening techniques, but houseplants are her niche.  When she isn’t gardening, she likes to cook, explore Bellingham, drink tea, and listen to podcasts.



Tana is new to the Garden Spot Nursery, joining the team in 2017.  Her love of plants started as a child in her father's and grandmother's vegetable and dahlia gardens.  After pursuing a degree in biology, she spent time organic farming on the Olympic Peninsula at Mountain Shadow Greens & Co.  Tana's mission at the Garden Spot is to help people connect to food, beauty, and healing.  When not at The Garden Spot, Tana chefs on the SIV Gato Verde, mothers her eleven year old daughter, plays with several herd dogs, and spends time outside hiking, kayaking, and skiing.


Ginger has been at the Garden Spot for 10 years.  "in all aspects of my life my parents have been my greatest influence". From toothpicks in the avacodo on my windowsill to the family vegetable garden.  Being one with the earrth and watching plants grow with the season never grows old for her.


Debra has been with the Garden Spot for 12 years yet the horticulture industry has captured her attention for the last 35 years!  My free time has been spent running my own landscape business or teaching gardening classes at Whatcom Community College", she says. In the rest of her time she enjoys family things or her most favorite thing to do:, relaxing.


Before coming to the Garden Spot, Zane lived in Ohio, working at another nursery.  He started gardening with his grandmother when he was young and continues to learn and grow with us.  He enjoys playing League of Legends online, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities.  When he's not at the nursery, he enjoys spending time with his awesome dogs and family.




Trenton started at the Garden Spot in the spring of 2017 and began to love gardening, especially growing angel's trumpet.  Trenton's biggest inspiration in life has been his parents.  When he is not at the nursery or enjoying outdoor activities, he plays video game like League of Legends.


Chloe is a new face at The Garden Spot.  She has been here since October 2017 and loves the uplifting and easy going euphoria that encompasses the nursery.  Some of her favorite plants include peonies, lavender, and ivy.  Outside of work, she enjoys spending time in the natural wonders we are so fortunate to live around: the mountains, ocean, and islands.  Chloe is a true born local, yeehaw!

Jacki began gardening with her mom when she was young and has worked with plants ever since.  She started at the Garden Spot in May of 2016 and loves to nurture perennials.  Rosemary is her favorite plant, but she welcomes all types of life into her garden.  She likes to garden, hike, camp, bike and walk with her dog