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Misaka (Beautiful Blossom) Itoh Peony

Old Favorites and New Obsessions


Pitcher Plants

Spring is getting interesting....

We have a wide selection of geraniums in pinks, salmon, reds, oranges and whites to fill your containers with color this summer. Right now our zonal geraniums are just $2.99 each.

Rawwwr! Carnivorous Plants have arrived at Garden Spot Nursery. Marcy went down to Courting Frogs Nursery a little while back and returned with a fascinating selection of carnivorous beauties. Venus Fly Traps, Pitcher Plants and some delicate, if a bit sticky, Sundews. Come browse these fascinating horticultural "hunters" and pick up some "Carni Mix" to plant them in while you're here.​

Don't Miss Planting Day!

Saturday, April 26: 9am-2pm

Bring containers from home or choose from our own fabulous selection. Our expert staff will help you gather the right combination of plants and flowers.

Take advantage of complimentary Gardner and Bloome soil and Garden Spot labor for this event, plus special discounts on all regularly priced plants used in your containers.

If you can carry your container you can bring as many as you like. This year, if you prefer, bring your pots, leave your phone number and we will call you when your containers are ready.



For the Love of Lilacs
By: Audra Howerton

Here at the Garden Spot this spring, we’re carrying some stunning varieties from Monrovia.












Come take a look at these lovelies...

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