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Marcy's Fall Foliage

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Winterberry Holly

Winterberry Gaultheria


You’ll be berry happy with these this winter!

Winterberry Holly

This full-sun Winterberry Holly, or Ilex verticillata, has striking bright red berries through fall and winter. Although non-edible, its berried branches can be cut to adorn any home arrangement as a touch of holiday spirit. The Winterberry Holly is a romantic as well, needing both a male and female to produce berries!

Winterberry Gaultheria

The Winterberry Gaultheria is an evergreen, low-growing groundcover and shrub that produces snow and pink colored, bell-shaped flowers. In autumn, cherry-red berries ripen and are often harvested in winter to make teaberry extract for tea, medicine, etc. Its deep green foliage reddens in the cold.


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