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‘Sweet Tea’ Heucherella

Marcy's Summer Spotlights

‘Little Tutti Frutti’ Lewsia

Purple Fountain Grass



Pansies: A Way to Play with Fall Color

With a fresh new season coming around the corner...















...learn more about this age-old garden flower favorites!

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Fall into some fresh foliage with these blooming beauties!

‘Little Tutti Frutti’ Lewsia

This perennial groundcover grows into a fun assortment of bright orange, mango, peach and strawberry colored flowers in a compact rosette of deep green leaves. And blooms in early summer and again in September! Extremely tolerant of wet winters, this lewisia thrives in rock gardens and even containers! Price is $5.99.

Purple Fountain Grass

The annual, oriental grass has striking bronze-maroon blades that clump close together and cascade outwards at the top. In late summer into fall, rose-colored and fuzzy spikes form and can add a rustic look to any bouquet! Deer-resistant and easy to care for, purple fountain grass can stand alone or compliment a container. Price is $10.99.


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