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Christmas Cactus

Marcy's Fall Foliage

Algerian Ivy

Euonymus 'Moonshadow'


Amaryllis: A Love Story,
by Marcy

My first experience with Amaryllis was in my early childhood. I remember it as a disappointment. My mother would buy a box with a bulb, soil and a green plastic pot for $2.98 at the grocery store.













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Blog Notes
Fashion some variety with variegated foliage
Native to Central and South America, Algerian Ivy is a lush, evergreen climbing vine that can be planted as gorgeous groundcover. Although its variegated cream and bright green leaves last all year, in the spring and summer it blooms fragrant, white flowers. Requiring full to part sun, Algerian Ivy is deer resistant with a growth of 3-6” high by 18-24” wide.
Algerian Ivy
Another beautifully variegated groundcover, the evergreen Euonymus ‘Moonshadow’ has deep green foliage with spatters of golden chartreuse. In the winter, spurts of pink pick up in the leaves. It can also be planted as low-growing hedge for borders or in winter-style containers for a cascading look. Requiring full to part sun, this Euonymus will reach 2’ tall by 3-5’ wide.
Euonymus 'Moonshadow'

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