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Chawan Basu Lotus: A Water Plant Wonder

Lotus flowers are known across many cultures as being of symbol of purity, awareness and spirituality.


The Chawan Basu Lotus is a dwarf variety that blooms from mid-summer to fall. Initially pink, its fragrant flower ages into ivory with pink veins and reaches a diameter of 5-6”.


You don’t need an elaborate water feature or pond to enjoy this beauty. Growing up to 2-3’ tall and wide, the Chawan Basu Lotus is perfect for containers without drainage holes or small to medium sized water gardens. It prefers 10 or more hours of sun and requires heavy fertilizing with pellets at least once a month.


Pro Tip: Even though lotus leaves are naturally water repellant don’t allow water to sit on their foliage, as liquid can often collect in the center of leaves. This can cause scorching and burns on the foliage. Just tip over each leaf and allow the water to run off.


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