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Featured This Week

Cornus Kousa 'Summer Gold': Strike Rich in Foliage

Besides bright blooms from our beloved annuals and perennials, summer is also a time for fresh foliage here in Whatcom County.


Cornus Kousa ‘Summer Gold’ is an extraordinary, deer-resistant dogwood. Its noted for its yearlong interest for transformational, variegated leaves. Summertime is prime for its rippled, gold and chartreuse foliage. In autumn, leaves transition into flamingo pink and bright red for dramatic color. In winter, its crocodile-skinned bark stands out amongst the snowfall. In spring, mass bracts of cream colored flowers adorn its branches. And the cycle repeats!


Differing from other gold dogwood, ‘Summer Gold’ grows in an upright habit of 8’ tall to 4’ wide and attracts birds and butterflies throughout the year. Ideal for small space gardens, this deciduous dogwood compliments woodland or rustic designs as an ornamental specimen in part shade to full sun.


Have your own dramatic, deciduous foliage this summer? Send us an email at or post to our Facebook page.


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