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Magnolia 'Royal Star': A Celestial Spring Bloomer

We’re in peak bloom throughout the communities and neighborhoods in Whatcom Country! And magnolias are no exception to exceptional, early spring flowers.


One in particular is the Magnolia ‘Royal Star’. Bright, white flowers bloom in double with a rich, floral aroma. Its blooms compliment moonlight gardens, cottage-style landscapes and garden beds designed in white. Similar to its celestial flower, this magnolia’s branches are open and multi-trunked. Foliage follows after flowering and provides year-round interest, especially in autumn when its deciduous leaves shine color.


Perfect for small space gardening, ‘Royal Star’ makes quite an entrance to courtyards, condos or townhouses by reaching only 15’ tall by 12’ wide. Plant in well-draining soil in full sun and enjoy being star struck by royalty.


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Monrovia's 2015 Plant Collection

For our spring season kickoff, here's a few plant "crushes" to look forward to for our upcoming class with Tadd Storrer of Monrovia!












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